Competitive Ballroom and Latin DanceSport Training

Boston Ballroom Dance Center Competitive DanceSport Training

Competitive DanceSport Group Classes are designed for those students who have learned basic foot patterns and are ready to take their dancing to a higher quality in a more serious and technical aspect of Ballroom, Smooth, Rhythm and Latin Dancing. Our Professional Instructors have taken many students (Beginner, Social and Advanced) to new heights in their dancing by competing in Pro / Am and Am / Am Competitions. Pro / Am  is a Boston Ballroom Professional Teacher competing with their students. Am / Am is two Students (like a husband and wife team) competing together.

Competitive students must be on one of our private programs in order to qualify for competitive training, a minimum of three months of private lessons attending 2 Private Lessons and Group Classes a week is mandatory for all newcomers and advanced students prior to competition approval.

Our competitive students are nationally recognized and have placed in top finals in all dance categories Ballroom, Latin, Rhythm and Smooth DanceSport. Check out our competitive pictures of our students and  professional instructors winning at national competitions.

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United States Amateur Winners!
Alex and Vanessa
2nd Place in All Five Dances Novice Gold
3rd Place in all Five Dances In
Amateur Open Latin Senior
alex vanessa ohio 2010
Congratulations To
Ade and Peter 1st in All Dances


Goodluck to the Boston Ballroom Competitive Team 2015 as they compete at the following competitions!

Eastern DanceSport Championship
New York Dance Festival
TriState Challenge DanceSport

San Francisco Open DanceSport Championships
Emerald Ball DanceSport Championships
Dancing A La Carte Championships
The Yankee Classic & New England DanceSport Championships
Millennium DanceSport Championship
Manhattan DancSport Championships
International Grand Ball Championships
Empire Dance Championships
The NV Ball DanceSport Championships
Killick Klassic DanceSport
Massachusetts DanceSport Challenge
Embassy Ballroom Championships
United States Dance Championships
Constitution State Challenge
New Jersey State Open Championships
Hollywood DanceSport Championships
Grand National Dance Festival
Commonwealth Classic
Caribbean DanceSport Classic
Ohio Star Ball

and More!


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The Introductory Private Dance Lesson payment is $25 for a single or couple.
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