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Wedding Dance

How long are Private Dance Lessons and Group Dance Classes?

All lessons both Private and Group Dance Lessons are 45 minutes in Length.

How do we start?

Sign up to reserve your Introductory Private Dance Lesson for $25/couple. All reservations should be made preferably a week in advance. If you cannot attend the Private Dance Lesson you reserved, please reschedule as soon as possible. Please note we have a 48 hour cancellation policy, canceling under 48 hours results in loss of lesson.   

How many classes does it take to learn how to dance?

Like anything we want to succeed in, we have to put a little time and effort. We do not learn how to play sports (such as golf or baseball or swimming) and do it well in one lesson. The same concept applies with dancing even with just one dance. It takes at least 10 lessons to learn the basics of lead and follow and about four to eight dance figures of that one dance. Taking private and group classes together is the best way to learn. Private Lessons teach you how to coordinate your body to the music. Group Classes increase your opportunity to practice coordinating your body to the music and know multiple dances with confidence!

Can I really learn how to dance?

Yes! If you can walk you can dance. If you have two right feet or two wrong feet, you can learn to dance. Let our professional dance instructors guide you to your dance goals. If you are shy or nervous, try one of our private lesson packages to get your feet wet. Couples preparing for their wedding dance should start as soon as possible. Don't Wait!

Will I have to sign a contract or pay in advance?

If you are going to take private or group dance lessons, we do have everyone sign a contract of liability and general studio policy. We have payment options as listed on our pricing page. Payments are made at the time of your Introductory Private Dance Lesson for a private program . All lessons (Privates and Groups) are paid before the start of the lesson. The group class card and private dance lesson packages offer greater savings if purchased. Payment plans are available for private programs of 20 or more. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Cash and Check. 

Do I need to take the Group Classes or Private Lessons?

If you are first starting this type of dance with no previous knowledge, it is best to arrange and Introductory Private Dance Lesson evaluation to look at your goals and determine which program will be suitable for you. If you have basic knowledge you may join one of our group classes by using the Group Class Reservation System. If your getting married in the next 3 to 6 months, private lessons are the best and the most economic way to learn and practice your wedding dance.

What dance will I learn?

The type of dance you will learn will depend on your first dance song choice. If your not sure, you should bring a few song choices to your Introductory Private Dance Lesson. Your teacher will demonstrate and explain the rhythm and type of dance your song choice is.

I don't want anything choreographed, I just want to look like a natural can Boston Ballroom Help Me?

Natural Dancing is social dancing, as teenagers it started with rocking together closely back and forth. Now as a Adults getting married you want to show a mature and classy way to dance with the one you love. Dancing looks natural with hours of practice. Give you and your fiance as much time as you can to practice moving and dancing naturally together. During your Introductory Private Dance Lesson your teacher will demonstrate and explain the rhythm and type of dance your song choice is and make a suggestion of how to achieve the First Dance you always dreamed of. 

We are getting married soon, Should we start with
Group Classes or Private Lessons?

If you are getting married within 3 to 6 months you should start with Private Dance Lessons. Your First Dance should be finished at least 3 weeks before you get married. Unfortunately, in Bride Magazine, the Knot Magazine, Beantown  Bride, New England Bridal Magazine, Wedding Wire and other helpful wedding apps and wedding publication they rarely mention when to start dance lessons. If you are getting married in 9 months to a year, Group Classes are a great way to try different styles of dance that allow you to chose a song that matches with the type of dance you want to do on your Wedding Day! If your not sure, you should start with an Introductory Private Dance Lesson. Your teacher will help to determine the most suitable program for you both. *If you are getting married in less than 4 weeks please call us at 617-969-3262 or email us at info@bbdcenter.com for our emergency wedding dance course options.*

We left this to the last minute and our wedding is very soon, can you still teach us in time for the wedding or special occasion?

Yes! We can arrange private one on one emergency sessions for you. We are available seven days a week for private dance lessons and can help you to feel reassured about your first dance. You can purchase one individual private lesson and even pay as you go. We know the time demands it takes to prepare for your special day. Let our dance instructors get you off to the right start. *If you are getting married in less than 4 weeks please call us at 617-969-3262 or email us at info@bbdcenter.com for our emergency wedding dance course options.*

We have not chosen a song for our first dance, can you help us?

Yes! We have thousands of songs to choose from either by dance genre or by artist. Want to dance a Rumba, Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, or Swing no problem! We can help you to choose an appropriate song suitable for your First Dance and meaningful to you as a couple. Let our instructors put your mind at ease and help you to choose the perfect song for your special occasion.

We have chosen our song.  How do we know what dance it is or how to dance to it?

During the Introductory Private Dance Lesson we will review your song choice(s) and determine which dance is appropriate to the beat of the song, and choreograph steps or patterns that the gentlemen can lead and the lady can follow. We will teach you everything you need to know to look confident and flawless on your special day. Learn how to escort you bride on to the dance floor, how to hold dance position, how to find the beat of the music, how to lead with confidence and how the lady will follow with beauty and grace. These small steps will help you to show your love and romance to your friends, family and loved ones.
My parents (or Bridal Party) also want to learn to dance for my wedding. Can you accommodate them?

Yes! Parents are encouraged to take dance lessons in preparation for their parent dance. If you are on a Private Dance Lesson Program, you parents may come to your private dance lesson with no extra charge so you both know what to do during the parent dance! If Parents would like to come by themselves they may choose their own Private Dance Lesson Program or the Group Dance Classes. We have a special rate for a Private Dance Lesson for a Bridal Party Group, a Rehearsal Dinner Party Group Lesson the day before the wedding or a Bachlorette Party Group Lesson  both hosted at our studio or at a location in the surrounding New England Area.
For a dance teaching quote please contact us at 617-969-3262 or Click Here to Contact Us!

I know someone who is getting married, Can I give them dance lessons as a gift?

Yes! Gift Certificates are available in all amounts and packages. Visit our Online Dance Lesson Shop!
Once Dance Gift Certificates are purchased online you will be emailed your Gift Certificate within 24 hours. Print is out and give it to your Children, Husband, Wife, Fiance, Mom, or Dad to get them excited about the Wedding! If you have any questions please call us at 617-969-3262 or email us at info@bbdcenter.com.
We look forward to working with your gift recipients!

We do have a 48 hour Cancellation policy for scheduled Private Dance Lesson appointments. Please notify us 48 hours in advanced if you need to cancel, reschedule, or change your Private Dance Lesson appointment time. Failure to notify BBDC either by email: info@bbdcenter.com or phone: 617-969-3262 48 hours prior to start of lesson time will result in charge of lesson, with no options for refund or reparation.