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Peter Kornel Kovacs

Marisa Noelle Panos

United Kingdom Alliance Certified Associate
Registrant of the National Dance Council of America
Registrant with the World Dance Council
B.A. in Pedagogy and Mathematics
from Ferenc Kolcsey Presbyterian Pedagogical Institute in Debrecen Hungary
United States Professional International Latin Competitor

Peter Kornel Kovacs was born in Hungary and at the age of 5, having tons of energy, began Gymnastics and Martial Arts Training but Ballroom and Latin Dancing became his passion at a young age. At his first competition out of twenty-four couples he placed third with his Hungarian Dance Partner.

By the time Peter was 17 he won and was a finalist in many IDSF Latin and Standard Competitions in the "B" "A" and "S" Class division. He was also part of the recognized Hungarian Valcer Dance Studio Latin and Standard Formation Team which competed and performed shows in Hungary, Austria, Romania and Western Europe. Peter is also classical trained in other dance styles such as Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Flamenco, and Eastern European Folk Dancing.

His teachers include Julius Kaiser, Victor Kanevsky, Nadia Eftedal, Johann Eftedal, Goran Nordin, Martin and Gina Goetche, Vibeke Toft, Paul Killick, Olga Bylin, Ramon de los Reyes, Andrej Skufca, Melinda Torokgyorgy, Maurizio Vescovo, Rufus Dustin, Marianne Nicole, Pierre Allaire, Denis Tremblay, Jean Marc Genereux, Paul Richardson, Eugene Katsevman, Sammy Stopford, Diana McDonald, Alan Fletcher, Michael Malitowski, Bryan Watson, CARMEN, Michael Wentink, BEATA, Yulia Zagoruychenko and Riccardo Cocchi. 

Peter has coached and judged several collegiate Ballroom Dance Teams, Collegiate Dance Clubs and Collegiate Dance Competions, at Harvard University, UMass Amherst, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brandeis University, Boston University, NorthEastern University, Tufts University, and University of Connecticut. 

Peter and Marisa have been dancing together for Ten years and enjoy rising to new heights as Finalist in major DanceSport Competitions all across the United States and abroad. Dancing A La Carte, Commonwealth Classic and Yankee Classic Finalist.

With impeccable foot work precision, technique, partnering, agility, rhythmicality
and speed, he loves competing with his partner Marisa Panos and his competitive students. Peter and Marisa have been honored to work with the Harvard University A.R.T. Institute, Hearts on Fire, Newton Community Service Center, the Newton Cultural Center, the Boston Ballet School, the Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association, Eat Right America, Temple Beth El, Kent Prep Summer Program, Simply Platinum Weddings, Chanel 7 Health Fitness Expo, the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, WGBH Women's Program, and FHI 360 (Family Health International). Boston Ballroom is chosen as Boston's Top Five Ballroom Dance Studios by CBS.

Registrant of the National Dance Council of America
Registrant with the World Dance Council
H.S. Graduate of Dana Hall School in Wellesley, Ma
Boston Ballet School Professional Track Graduate 1983-1995
North Carolina School of the Arts
B.F.A. Butler University Dance Performance
Milwaukee Ballet Apprentice
Performing Arts Dance Professor Emmanuel College
United States Professional International Latin Competitor

Marisa Noelle Panos, born Christmas eve, started dancing at the age of 3 where instead of bouncing off the furniture at home, she was sent to ballet at Boston Ballet and gymnastics at Massachusetts Gymnastic Center. Marisa was quickly accelerated to the professional track at Boston Ballet where she performed for 10 years in Boston's Holiday Dance Classic The Nutcracker, held at the Wang Theatre.

Marisa is skilled at several dance styles with over 20 Years of Dance Experience in Ballroom and Latin American Dance Sport, Ballet, Pointe, Tap Dance, Russian Character Dance, Flamenco, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern Dance, Laban Movement, Contemporary Dance, and Folk Dancing.

Her teachers/choreographers include Elaine Bauer, Laura Young, Christine Busch, Anne Marie Holmes, Arthur Leeth, Sydney Leonard, James Reardon, Patrick Armand, Anne Marie D'angelo, Melissa Hayden, Gelsey Kirkland, Anne Marie Sarazin, Marek Cholewa, Michelle Jarvis, Cynthia Pratt, Donald Byrd, Omayra Amaya, Ramon de los Reyes, David Howard, Robert Atwood, Alexander Tressor, Fabrice Herrault, Zena Rommett, Tommy Coye, Victor Kanevsky, Diana McDonald, Vibeke Toft, Eugene Katsevman, Rufus Dustin, Sammy Stopford, Andrej Skufca, Melinda Torokgyorgy, Jean Marc Genereux, Marianne Nicole, Paul Killick, Michael Malitowski, Bryan Watson, CARMEN, Maurizio Vescovo, Paul Richardson, BEATA, Yulia Zagoruychenko and Riccardo Cocchi.

A skillful technician, a natural spinner, and an extremely natural dance performer her passion for dancing shows on the floor with her Partner Peter Kovacs and dancing with her competitive students. She believes the beauty of dancing is moving your body to its fullest extent in harmony with another.

Marisa has been featured as a host and performer on Channel 7 "Ready To Go" teaching children the hard work and determination of dancing, assisting client transformations on Extreme Makeover TV38, Peter and Marisa have been featured on StyleBoston TV NECN, Full Article on Marisa and Peter's Competition Success in Dancer Magazine,  and has been mentioned in the Boston Globe and their opinion was published and requested by the Boston Herald in reviewing newly inaugurated President of the United States Mr. Barack Obama and wife Michelle's dancing.