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Private Dance Lessons
Welcome to the glamorous world of Ballroom and Latin Dancing. Learn to dance at your own pace! No partner necessary, you can dance with one of our Instructors! Couples and Singles book lessons at your convenience! Learning to dance as a couple, friends, boyfriend and girlfriend, fiance, husband and wife is a fun activity to do together. Couples who do an activity together have more fun in their relationships. Make dancing your date night by learning to dance together.
It's time you enjoyed learning how to dance to today's music!
  • Private Dance Lessons are important to refining your dance skills. Individual personalized attention will be given in Private Dance Lessons to improve your technique, musicality, dance vocabulary, balance & posture, and partnering skills and that's where the movement is broken down into more detail. Private Dance Lessons will give you the confidence to dance in front of others and in any given situation. Turns, Dips, Patterns look great on the dance floor.
  • Musicality is where you learn about what type of dance goes with what type of songs, how to keep time with your movements and how to dance different rhythmical patterns in the music. Understanding dance musicality and which songs require which dance pattern will make you feel more confident on the dance floor.
  • You may tell your instructor which dances you would like to learn in order to achieve your dance goals. Some dances provide a platform of working base knowledge. Your Coach will evaluate your level of coordination, balance, body mechanics and suggest a program suited to your dance goals.
  • Private Dance Lessons are 45 minutes in duration with your coach and are scheduled by appointment only. There is a 48 hour cancellation policy in order to cancel and reschedule your private lesson without charge.
  • How do I start? Sign up today for your Introductory Private Dance Lesson for New Students (Couple or Single) is $25. The $25 fee is deducted from any 5 private program or more purchased the day of your Introductory Private Dance Lesson.
  • (*Limited to once per couple or single*) 

Taking Private Dance Lessons on a weekly basis is the best and fastest way to learn How To Dance! (for both Singles and Couples). Private Dance Lessons are for learning to dance together for a Wedding Dance, Social Dancing, Competitive Dancing or learning a new physical activity you can enjoy. Learning Partner Dancing is unlike any other dance you do by yourself, as this type of dancing takes two to Tango.

We have an accelerated Competitive Track Dance Program that requires a minimum of two Private Dance Lessons a week. Even if you have never competed in DanceSport Competitions before Boston Ballroom's Dance Coaches will train you in Ballroom, Latin, American Smooth and Rhythm Dance Styles and make your first competition experience a milestone to remember! 
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*One Introductory Lesson available per couple*