Boston Ballroom Testimonials
December 12th, 2015
Amanda and Andy McNulty

Hi Peter and Marisa,

Here are some of our dancing wedding photos!

Thank you again for all of your help and dedication to helping us practice!

Amanda and Andy

November 6th, 2015
Chris and Korey M. The Knot 5 Stars
A Delight!

Peter and Marisa worked mostly with my husband and his mother for their first dance and did an amazing job. They also worked with my husband and I and I would recommend their services to anyone who wants to take dance lessons, from basic to more advanced.

September 14th, 2015
Kevin and Emily G.

Thank you Marisa and Peter! We could not have done it without you!
We had so much fun!
July 14th, 2015
Tom and Natalie C. The Knot 5 Stars
Who needs Dancing With the Stars!

Marisa and Peter are fantastic teachers! They will make you into the most graceful couple on the dance floor for your wedding day. Over the course of a few months we went from clumsily tripping over ourselves, to smoothly spinning around the dance floor with dips in-between. We had our guests on their feet cheering and clapping for our first dance! We truly loved our lessons, and really looked forward to practicing our dance every week. They made the process really fun, and the end result was beautiful! Boston Ballroom Dance Center is the place to go before your wedding!

August 6th, 2015
Sebastien and Emilie G., Yelp 5 Stars

We discovered Peter and Marisa while looking for private lessons for our opening Waltz at our wedding.
It was such a great adventure!

In addition of being 2 amazing people, our teachers were patient, creative, and find for us the best choreography for our special moment. We are waiting for the video of our dance, but everyone around loved the moment, and we had a blast too!!

May 23rd, 2015
Nicholas and Jennifer C. Wedding Wire 5 Stars

We knew we wanted to have a choreographed first dance, something to set the tone for the night and get our guests even more excited. Peter and Marisa did just that. Over the course of about 12 lessons we went from barely being able to walk together to spinning, dipping, and lifting. They alternated teaching the lesson, one focusing more on the steps and the other coming into tweak techinque, posture, and such. They always reminded us to have fun and focus on what we were working so hard for, to share our love. They were never without a smile or a warm greeting, immediately making us feel safe and comfortable, part of the family. Their little dog Sophie also proved a big help. My work schedule varies, being a nurse who does shifts. They were always understanding if we had to reschedule and were very willing to accommodate us. By the end of our lessons we still had nerves but we knew we had learned the skills to do a wonderful dance. The cheers and comments we got at our Wedding added to the powerful emotions we were already feeling, knowing that if we could conquer that final lift we were well on our way.

December 12, 2014
Toby and WaiLing B., Yelp 5 Stars

Peter and Marisa are the best around. Competition to Wedding dances.  My wife and I have done both.  The owners are not your average Dance Studio Owners: They are professional and personal beyond normal measure. No "Sales" pressures as with chain studios. Details, Patience and Encouragement and their best attributes. My wife and I love to work with them.
October 9th, 2014
Jeff and Leah Gallant, Google 5 Stars

Peter and Marisa are the best. My wife and I are not naturals but we looked forward to every lesson. There are not two more positive, professional and patient people than Peter and Marisa. They helped us achieve a great first dance memory we will always cherish. We recommend Boston Ballroom Dance Center enthusiastically!

July 9th, 2014

Jon and Leah Lichtus, Yelp 5 Stars
Boston Ballroom Dance Center is excellent. My now wife and I took private lessons for our first dance at our wedding. Neither of us had any prior experience yet Marisa worked with us step-by-step to craft a beautiful dance. She was incredibly responsive t
o our preferences and ability. She made sure all the details were addressed including how we would enter and the exit the dance floor and how we would dance with our parents. Our first dance went perfectly and was a complete joy. We got so many rave reviews afterward and we have Marisa and Peter to thank. Even beyond the first dance, my wife and I now know basic steps to different types of dance that we can use for the rest of our lives. The time and effort was definitely worth it and I completely recommend Boston Ballroom Dance Center.

February 1st, 2014
Ryan and Allison Sullivan, Yelp 5 Stars

Peter and Marisa are both wonderfully energetic teachers.  We spent over a year taking a couples dance lesson for our wedding and every time we attended dance we were greeted with smiles and a positive energy.  While we likely weren't the best pupils as far as remembering our steps or practicing, they patiently taught us a presentable wedding dance which went over very well on our wedding day.  

Marisa was very patient with us and was a great teacher.  She also spent one lesson by inviting our parents to attend and going over dance basics.  She was so sweet with my mom and dad!  They do a very good job of building rapport with their students and making them feel at ease.

We would strongly suggest BBDC to any of our friends.

Joanne Hastings of Norwood, Yelp 5 Stars

Last Christmas I was once again faced with the problem of what to buy my husband,  I simply refused to buy another gift certificate just so he'd have something to open. 

We had interests that we shared but mostly everything we liked to do together were things we could only do in the nice weather.  Long story short...I took a gamble and bought 6 private lessons.  One year later and my husband says this was one of the best gifts he's ever received! 

Peter and Marisa are wonderful Instructors and they enjoy what they do. This isn't just a business to them...this is a passion. They love to dance and they love to teach but more importantly they make it fun!  We danced together at my daughters wedding for the first time and Peter and Marisa wouldn't give up until every step was perfect....and it was. 

The wedding is over but we're going to keep taking lessons.  There's always something new to learn and it's great exercise.  Group lessons are already formed or you can bring your own group in and make it a night out with friends. 

You won't be disappointed with Boston Ballroom in Newton.

October 12th, 2013
Tim Hagan

Dear Marisa and Peter,

Thank you for helping us have an Amazing First Dance! People are still talking about it...

Your Lessons were so Helpful, Enjoyable and Fun! It made our wedding on the Vineyard special!

We hope to come back for more in the future as we grow old together!

Tim and Alix

September 24th, 2013
Dear Peter and Marisa,

Thank you so much! We had a great wedding and the dance ... well Mike got SUPER nervous about an hour before the reception started because my dress was a lot more to handle than expected.  BUT we got through it beautifully... everyone was SO impressed!!!

We actually didn't tell anyone what our song was or that we were doing a dance like this (besides my mom) so every one was really blown away by not only Mike's (our) skills but my family in particular just crumbled because they all know how I loved ballroom dancing growing up so it was just such a grand gesture on Mike's part to do the lessons. 

My Uncle (Godfather/walked me down the aisle) said a tear came to his eyes when he saw us and my mom said that this dance made her dream for the last 9 months come to life and surpassed her expectations!! I will send you the video of the dance once we get a hold of one! For now we got this little "sizzle reel" as I call it - a 3 mins round up basically. It's beautiful - if I do say so myself! 

Thank you both again for all your help and hard work! 
Natalie and Michael Simone

September 2013
Lisa and Julio Bran 2013

My husband and I were looking for a dance studio when we moved to the Boston area and were very fortunate to find Marisa and Peter! When I first called Boston Ballroom Dance Center, Marisa took a lot of time to find out what kind of dance we were interested in learning and what we wanted to get out of the lessons. During each lesson, Marisa and Peter break down the steps so that we can follow them and learn at our own pace. They teach students who have a variety of reasons for dancing--from having fun to competing. We appreciate that we are always welcomed at the studio whether we want to move toward competition or simply learn new dances as a couple.

We have taken many private lessons with both Marisa and Peter, which is a wonderful feature of BBDC because we benefit from the perspectives of both instructors who have a passion for dance. We also recently took a lesson with a newer instructor, Raymond, who was incredibly patient and helpful. On top of the superb instruction, we truly feel that we are among friends every time we are at BBDC. After taking lessons for 2 years, we have learned Rumba, Salsa, Tango, Swing, Cha Cha, and Foxtrot--and are looking forward to more!

We HIGHLY recommend BBDC for any individual or couple who wants to learn dance and have fun while doing it.

Lisa and Julio Bran 2013

August 25th, 2013

Hi Peter and Marisa!

Veeral and I wanted to share one of our wedding photos with you!

Enjoy!!! We will send you the video as soon as we get it!

I've attached a clip that my brother took on his iphone.

Thank you both for everything!! Everyone was so impressed!!! We have recommended you to another couple who is getting married and was at our wedding! Thank you again!

Archana and Veeral Ajmera

August 18th, 2013

Hi Marisa & Peter!
We just got home from our honeymoon, and I wanted to write you guys to let you know that a) the wedding was a blast, and b) the dance was a total Hit!!!

We got so much positive feedback from guests about our dance and we felt so good about it. Most importantly we had so much fun doing it!

We Really want to thank you both for everything you did. I am waiting for a video of the dance so I can send it to you. In the meantime I am attaching some pics for your enjoyment. 
I hope you have both been well these last couple of weeks! Thanks you again!
Warm regards,

Chris and Michelle Lin


Vail Fucci of Fucci Photos

Boston Ballroom Dance Center is wonderful!

I got my parent several Gift Certificates through their online dance lesson shop. They helped my father-in-law learn a memorable father-daughter-dance to do with my sister-in-law at her wedding, and helped choreograph her first dance with her husband.  

Both dances were tailored perfectly to their personalities.  
Peter has tons of patience for beginners which is great!  

My husband and I have been to the studio as well.  We particularly loved when Peter and Marisa brought in a guest World Class Instructor from So You Think You Can Dance, Jean Marc Genereux, to teach samba.  It was fantastic.  The studio space is very pretty as well.

Would recommend Boston Ballroom!

May 2012
Lauren & Brian Shaunbrun

I started taking group classes at Boston Ballroom Dance Center in the fall of 2008 and haven't stopped since; I love it!  I originally wanted to just learn the Salsa, but once I took one class with Marisa and Peter I was hooked and wanted to learn more.  After a few months of taking group classes I started taking private lessons to polish up the moves we learned in class.  I enjoyed the private/group lessons so much I decided to enter a ballroom dance competition with the guidance of Marisa and Peter.  I competed in my first competition within a year of me starting to dance at Boston Ballroom Dance Center and took first place in all dances.  If it weren't for Marisa and Peter's great teaching abilities I never would have done this.

When I got engaged in 2010 there was no doubt in my mind that I needed to have a wedding dance prepared by Marisa and Peter.  Although my husband and I picked a difficult song to dance to, they created a dance that we could follow and will never forget. We took 10 private lessons to make our dance memorable and had both Marisa and Peter teach us at some point.  

Marisa and Peter are proffesional, fun, and really want all of their students to enjoy dance the way they do.  This is very obvious in their teaching style!  They take the time to get to know their students and give them the best experience possible.

Lauren and Brian

Bob & Donna 5/3/2012

We have been participating in private dance lessons with the owners of  Boston Ballroom Dance Center for seven years and truly love their professionalism and the quality of their instruction.  Marisa and Peter are world class instructors.  Their ability to break down the steps and the dancing process for each student is exceptional.  They bring joy and fun to every step.  Believe me, they can certainly teach old dogs new tricks.  Bob & Donna

Andrea G. 4/29/2012

I had been looking for a dance studio for our wedding for months. I chose Boston Ballroom Dance because of their expertise, location, professionalism and flexibility. We LOVE that they do private lessons on the weekends, which fits with our busy schedules. The studio is bright and spacious with plenty of parking in back. They actually have two rooms for dance - one larger and one smaller. We sometimes practice in the smaller studio before our lesson begins.

Our instructor, Marisa, is wonderful! When setting up our first appointment, Marisa spent a good 15 minutes on the phone with me answering all my questions. Her and Peter are the owners of the studio and you can tell they really love what they do. Every time we walk in, we are welcomed by them with smiling faces.

My fiance never had dance lessons before, and I tend to lead (which I shouldn't), so Marisa had quite the challenge with us! We've had 6 lessons now and both of us feel very good about where we are in the dance for our wedding. Marisa has such a bubbly personality and is very encouraging and supportive when teaching. She was really helpful in choosing a song, as we weren't sure if we wanted to do a Rumba or a Waltz. Her direction is easy to understand and she makes it an enjoyable experience.

We haven't tried the group lessons yet, but hope to soon.

I highly recommend Boston Ballroom Dance Center!

Kathy 5/1/2012

My husband and I started taking ballroom dancing lessons at Boston Ballroom before our son's wedding about 2 years ago. We enjoyed it so much that we have continued going each week since then. It is wonderful exercise and just plain fun!  With our new dancing talent, we now enjoy weddings and functions more fully because we never sit down anymore! We dance all around the floor and always look forward to the next dance!
When our daughter got married last year, Marisa and Peter helped us out by teaching us new dances and polishing up the old ones. My husband took many private lessons with our daughter and their special Father/Daughter dance was one we will never forget!  Peter choreographed it just for them!
Now as we return to our weekly class, we see many couples practicing for their wedding and taking private lessons for their first dance. We reminisce and dance on!

We are very grateful to Marisa and Peter for inspiring us and keeping us young at heart!

Kara 5/1/2012

My dad  introduced me to Marisa and Peter and Boston Ballroom. For my wedding last year, he had plans for a special father/daughter dance. We began taking lessons to learn a Waltz (to the tune of the Godfather Waltz!)  together. We had weekly classes with Marisa and Peter for about 5 months to get ready.

   Marisa and Peter were such caring and devoted instructors. They treat each of their clients as friends and take time to connect with everyone in the studio. We took lessons with both Marisa and Peter, both offered something different and helped us to refine our dance and feel more comfortable. At times, I had trouble "feeling" the spins and footwork. Peter would videotape himself doing the steps so I could watch it and try to perfect it.

My dance with my dad was unforgettable and I owe it all to Marisa and Peter's teaching. My husband and I also took a few private lessons leading up to the wedding. Together we don't have a lot of rhythm, but Peter and Marisa were patient and positive. They work at each couples ability and comfort levels. The few lessons we took made us so much more comfortable on the day of our wedding and the memories of our classes together always make me smile.

July 25th, 2013

Hey Marisa and Peter,

Thank you So Much for all of your help with our wedding dance!

We had so much fun during our first dance, and as nervous as I was, I was able to enjoy the moment and had a great time with Nikki dancing in front of all of our family and friends.

We found an apartment out in Shrewsbury so we'll be moving August 1st. With any luck we'll be able to stop by sometime and say hi! Hope all is well

-Jon and Nikki

April, 2013

Peter and Marisa created a first dance for us that was perfect. Neither of us had ever taken a dance lesson. We had a few lessons with Peter and a few with Marisa-- both were excellent!

Both of them really got the chance to know us and we had so much fun with them. They created a first dance that really reflected who we were. They made sure that we knew what we were doing and the day of the wedding we were able to stay in the moment and enjoy the dance!

They also had great tips for poses for photos outside the first dance. We are so glad we worked with Peter and Marisa, they helped made our big day truly special.

H and T
October 23rd, 2012

Dear Peter and Marisa,

We had such a great time at your anniversary party.When I was looking for places to take dance lessons, I picked your studio at random. I figured Fred Astaire would be too serious and formal.  I made the right choice! I am impressed by the variety among the students who take lessons with you.

Sophie is an additional treat.
Congratulations on your 5th Anniversary.
Judy and Jim

Dominic and Kathy Fucci
Ocotober 22nd, 2012

Thank you both for encouraging us and providing the opportunity for us
to attend the anniversary party last night!

We had a wonderful time and we are Thrilled with our trophy! 

We very much  enjoyed watching the other students but were especially thrilled to watch you and Peter perform the Samba. We never saw a complete performance Number like that We usually see just little snippets of your dancing during our classes. We loved it!

We are so proud to be your students!

May 2012
Yelp Review

When my wife and I decided to take dance lessons to prepare for our wedding, I was lukewarm about the idea at best. I didn't want to dance without lessons, but I didn't love the idea of taking them either. The idea just didn't seem fun.

It turned out that I was quite wrong.

I came from a background in martial arts and combat sports, and while I knew nothing about dance, I knew a lot about good instruction. Peter and Marisa turned out to be some of the best instructors I've ever met. They are patient, clear, and an enormous pleasure to work with.

My wife and I felt welcome every time we came, and we enjoyed the lessons so much that we kept dancing after our wedding. Only the birth of our first child got us out of the studio, and we plan to be back as soon as we're able.

Jake and Emily Steinmann

May 9th, 2012

Our dance class has been taking weekly lessons from Peter and Marisa for almost two years and we all absolutely love it. The two of them are humorous and make the class very fun and worthwhile.

They are very artistic and come up with fantastic group dance sequences for us to show at performances. Although we are a bunch of middle-aged couples who are all past our prime, they use the most simple language to make sure that we all completely understand the technique.

It is such a joy to watch the demonstrations made by the two of them; they dance so well together that every time we can feel the true power of dance.

May 4th, 2012
Wendy O.

We started with BBDC a few months ago to learn a dance for our upcoming wedding.  My FH was very nervous but both Peter and Marisa are great at breaking down steps, and making us both feel at ease.  Even though we are very busy with life and planning a wedding we always enjoy going.  

They really do invest in you as a student learning to dance.  They strive to not just teach you choreography for one dance but many steps/style of dance for you to use in the years ahead.  I have no doubt that this ease and confidence in dance will shine though on our wedding day....We hope to keep going/learning even after our wedding

May 3rd, 2012
Patricia L. 

We've been taking lessons for a year and a half at Boston Ballroom Dance Center. We've taken group and private lessons and just love doing both. We have been having so much fun  doing the lessons and practicing at home.

We've been married 41 years and over the years have taken lessons from different dance studios. Our time with Peter and Marissa has been the best. We are really making progress  especially since starting private lessons weekly in January. It's something we both look forward to every week!

Whether you're young or old, dancing can be a great activity for a couple! We've also enjoyed the dance parties they have occasionally, with great food and music and often a dance demo by the experts!

We highly recommend BBDC as THE best place to learn how to dance and have lots of fun while learning!

May 2nd, 2012
Elizabeth A.

My husband and I were looking for a dance studio to prepare us for the first dance at our wedding.

I think it is fair to say that we "lucked out" with Marisa and Peter.

They are far from any time of cookie cutter studio. They are talented, wonderful to work with, and invested in the time they spend with you.

We had intended on taking one class, but we signed up for 5 more, and we hope to return after our wedding for additional dance classes/lessons for fun and exercise.

My husband and I highly recommend Boston Ballroom Dance Center!

Emily and Charlie
January 9th, 2012

Peter and Marisa,

Emily and I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that our first wedding dance went wonderfully, and we even used some faster moves we learned from you later on. The first song dance we started a little fast, but we don't think anyone realized except Emily's cousin who is a music teacher and could tell we started a bit off beat. But, like we practiced, we used the first underarm turn to get back on rhythm, and finished it out as well as we ever have. We even arranged to have Peter's final turn into linked arms work perfectly so we could walk straight to our table.

Thank you so much, we learned so much from you, nailed our first wedding song, and are excited to keep dancing.

Peter: can you get in touch with your friends who are dance instructors in New York? My brother (who lives in New York and is getting married in a few months) was so impressed with our dance that said he plans to start dance lessons in the next week or two. Two other couples from New York also expressed interest in taking lessons. If you can connect us with your friend, we'll make sure you guys get credit for the referral.

All the best, and thanks again. We'll tell the whole story in person in after we get back from our trip.

Charlie and Emily (aka Mr. and Mrs. Russo)
Married Saturday January 7th, 2012

Lauren and Steve
December, 2011
Dear Peter and Marisa

Our First Dance Dance went off without a hitch!

Thank you for all your hard work in choreographing
and coaching us with our beautiful dance.

It was one of our favorite parts of the wedding day
and a memory we will have forever!

Thank you for sharing your passion, expertise, and enthusiasm.
It was a pleasure working with you!

Sincerely, Lauren and Steve Slitts

August 27th, 2011
Wedding: 8/27/2011
Member Since: 1/20/2011

   posted 9/13/2011


Marisa and Peter, the owners, are incredible!  


My husband and I had never taken dance lessons ever in our life and we weren't sure what to expect. There was confusion on our part in terms of the dance studio, confusing it with another local studio on the same street. When we walked into the wrong dance studio (which was cold, dark and the people there were unfriendly) we thought "oh gosh, this is going to suck!"  


But we were RELIEVED when we found our way to BBDC where Marisa and Peter welcomed us with open arms. They are hysterical and really got to know us, our personalities and our style of dance.  


They created our first dance song, practiced with us, provided feedback and really helped us to nail it at our wedding. It was a huge success! And our fears of dance lessons were quickly gone when we realized how fun it was.  


It brought us closer together. It uncovered skills we didn't realized we had and we had a blast! I recommend BBDC for not only 1st wedding dances but also dance lessons in general.  


Marisa and Peter are the ones to thank for everything and  

we are so grateful we found them!


Ashleigh Reisner 

Ashleigh and David
Nancy and Mark
October, 2011
Marisa & Peter,

Thank you for your lessons - we didn't miss a step....even though some guests saw Marc counting! :) 

We even used our new moves on the dance floor on the cruise we took! Below is a link to some pictures for you. 
Thanks for everything,

Nancy & Marc

September, 2011

Hi Marisa and Peter,

Hope all is well! Thank you again for all the wonderful dance lessons. The first dance went awesomely well!
Attached are a few pictures from the wedding.

Thank you again!
Donna and Philip

Donna and Philip
July 28th, 2011

Dear Peter and Dear Marisa

Thank you so Much for your help for our first dance!!!

It was so magical and we felt extremely good about dancing in front of our friends and families
with the routine and moves you taught us!

We have not seen the video yet but we received very good feedback from out guest already!!!

We are extremely happy we met you and took these classes with you. You both are amazing and we certainly are looking forward to our next lesson with you.

Isabelle & Peter

April 6th, 2011

Hi Marisa-

I wanted to thank you for a great first class tonight with Jonah.
We had a great time.  

We will see you soon,

Kara Fucci

Dan and Kathryn
February 12th, 2011

Dear Peter and Marisa

We just wanted to Thank You So Much for the dance lessons we took this past summer.

Our First Dance for our Wedding on August 14, 2010 was a success. We had  a wonderful time dancing together and we know the were a big part of it.

Our guest were impressed with our dance skills and we were impressed with ourselves too!!!

Thanks again for helping make our first dance so special.

We had  so much fun we just could not stop smiling!


Dan and Kathryn Garber

August 26th, 2011
Our first dance! Thank you Marisa and Peter of
Boston Ballroom Dance Center in Newton!

We miss you guys!!! We have some great shots and I will get u some!!
Also I think my uncle took A video as well!!!
Xoxo see you soon!

Hope u are both well!!sending love to you both
and Sophie!

Thank you for all you did... Everyone loved it!

Christine DiPaolo & Shawn Draper
Christin and Shawn
February 8th, 2011
Hi Marisa-
Did Hannah mention that she was accepted into all the summer camps she auditioned for after her sessions with you??

We are so proud of her. She has decided to go to Kaatsbaan. 
We are all so happy that you and Hannah are working together.

She came home from her audition looking very encouraged even though she said it was very difficult - lots of point in center.  

And so exciting for me to see an instant difference in her work!!  

September 4th, 2010
Wedding: 9/4/2010
Member Since: 12/6/2009
So Much Fun!    posted 9/21/2010

Marissa was wonderful to work with - it was tough to convince to take lessons but he needed some work. She not only helped us with our first dance but also with other dancing as well. We loved it so much we are going back for more.

jeff and rosa
February 1st, 2011
Hey folks!

It was an excellent wedding, a great day, and a wonderful way to begin our married lives!

So far, only one picture of the dance has made it back to us, but there are some others on Facebook, but they are not of great quality.

We got so many compliments on our dancing, and thanked and plugged BBDC!

Also, please tell Raymond that my mom and I finally decided on "Teach Your Children" by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

It sounded a little more up-beat than the James Taylor, albeit a little more difficult to dance to.

See you soon for some salsa lessons, and I'll forward along any dancing pictures we get!

Many thanks,


September 23rd, 2010

Dear Marisa and Peter,

Thank you so much for taking the time to come to Maine to teach our group some Ballroom and Latin dances. You guys are fantastic and we appreciate your stories and dance show.

Thanks Again!

The Eat Right America Team

August, 2010
Dear Peter and Marisa,

Thank you sincerely for your lovely performance and lessons. We enjoyed your company immensely!

Kent Prep
Tufts University

July 2010

Marisa and Peter

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

The day was perfect! Thank you isn't enough! Your patience and creativity paid off.

Thank you for the time you spent and
the fun we had!

Can't wait to learn more dances!

Mr. and Mrs Gagnon
Chestnut Hill, Ma

May 5th, 2010
Dear Marisa and Peter,

We just want to thank you so very much for the unbelievably fun class
that you provided for Kathryn and her friends. They've been talking about it ever since. It was beautiful and skillful instruction but also a passionate introduction to what this kind of dance can mean to them, at this age, especially. They are putting their heads together and talking about how they'd like to continue instruction. 

We'll be in touch. What a perfect birthday. (dancing is very close to Kathryn's heart, always has been, and you both helped her to remember about how she might find more time for dance in her life.)

Thank you again,

Kathleen Hewitt
  (Teen Latin Class)

December 20th, 2009

Dear Marisa and Peter,

Thank you so much for everything you've done for me,
I really appreciate it and would be lost without your help and instruction.
 I look forward to competing at Eastern!

Best Wishes,


Elly and Peter Kovacs
Liz and Ted
June 12th, 2009
Dear Peter and Marisa,

Thanks for being great and patient teachers.
We loved our Wedding Dance!

Wishing you all the Best,

Ted and Elizabeth

May 5th, 2009
I rarely write in this type of forum, I had to offer my comment for people who are looking for excellent dance instruction at a very reasonable price.

I too have had considerable experience with numerous studios and dance instructors in the Newton/Waltham area, and can honestly say the instructors at BBDC far surpass in excellence any that I have previously encountered. Both Peter and Marisa have an extensive dance background, backed up by solid dance education. Each of them has trained for over 25 years and it shows in their dance and their instruction. Their understanding of dance bio-mechanics, muscle synergies, and teaching methods make them far more than competent to teach.

Beyond their very impressive credentials, they love dance and are emotionally and personally vested in teaching every student how to become the best dancer she/he can possibly be. They are enthusiastic, encouraging, knowledgeable, and caring. What more could any student ask of a teacher?

Singles and couples attend the group classes I have participated in from every walk of life. Ages range from 16 to 70-something. The ratios of males to females are good. Students are retirees, students, entrepreneurs, professionals, and non-professionals. The general atmosphere of the classes is fun, light-hearted, encouraging, and friendly.

Any student who is interested in becoming a competitive dancer should look no further than BBDC. My personal dancing has grown 1000% in the 18 months I have been working with Peter and Marisa. If you are serious about competing, come prepared to work. It takes dedication and hard work to see changes in your dancing. The only way to become a great dancer is to dance frequently, accept constructive criticism about your dancing, and learn from your mistakes. Nobody ever became great at anything by skipping lessons, disregarding sound advice and failing to practice. If you are willing to work, BBDC can make you the dancer of your dreams.
Saturday Dance Party!
February 8th, 2008

It is with pleasure that I write a strong letter of reference for Peter and Marisa. I have worked with Peter and Marisa for the past two years in my capacity as a representative for the Temple Emeth brotherhood. We have run a series of Ballroom dancing classes for the Temple Emeth membership and Peter and Marisa have served as the teachers.

They have done an incredible job in all respects. They have been completely honest and trustworthy in regards to all of our interactions, including the contract negotiations and as well as the planning and execution of the particular classes. They conduct themselves in a most professional manner.

The students who have taken these classes have been uniform in their praise of Peter and Marisa. They are truly wonderful dance teachers and go out of their way to be respectful to everyone and to do their best in teaching the actual dances.

I have only the utmost respect for their characters and have no reservations whatsoever in recommending them to you!

Richard A. Hodin, M.D.

January 21st, 2008

is indeed, a fantastic dancer and teacher to all levels. He could teach to the basic technique class in one group lesson, and then move right into teach the silver lesson, noticing very acute things, and talking not only about the technique and steps, but also adding bits of information about musicality, character, and not only how "to do" about the dance, step pattern or simple weight shift, but how to think about it and how to feel it correctly.

He is a very powerful teacher, and you can never pick up everything he mentions during a group lesson to 10 plus people, he gives out so much quality information, and does it very, very well. He is very good at analyzing ones current motion and giving great corrective advice, often showing wrong, versus slightly wrong, versus correct in a way it applies to what you did.

He is as much a talented teacher as a dancer (and is very bright; if you read articles about him it does him some justice but also note he has a degree in Math as well as Pedagogy, (art of teaching) from his college back in Hungary).

Plus, He is very humorous in a group class setting, great for less experienced dancers to feel comfortable. He can teach anyone, and can do it very well.

Can't get enough Support from Me!


Group Class Dance Party
December, 2007
Hi Marisa,

Thank you for so many wonderful classes!
looking forward to our next dance class!

December 20th, 2007


Thanks for being such a great teacher!
I'm looking forward to a "winning" 2008!

Warm Wishes,